Outdoor Playground Blow Molding Machine With Extrusion System SRB100N

Outdoor Playground Blow Molding Machine With Extrusion System SRB100N

Outdoor playground blow molding machine SRB100N


● Outdoor playground blow molding machine SRB100N, is accumulating type EBM machine.

● Max product volume is 160L, used for plastic indoor and outdoor playground toy boards.
● Its output for 1.0m playground board is 20 Pcs/hour, daily production capacity is 480 Pcs.
● High-hardness alloy coating screw driven by SIEMENS motor for plasticizing capacity 200KG.
● Diagonal tie bar central clamping structure, driven by worm motor for easy changing mould.
● Accumulating head with good material runner design and refined metal surface process.
● Updated hydraulic system with servo motor system for energy saving to lower your cost.
● Adopt high speed total machine control system with 100 point parison thickness control.
● Bottom blowing system, parison expanding or sealing device, motor driving robot included.

Outdoor playground blow molding machine SRB100N is widely used in plastic table board, table plate, chair boards making field, also used for playground toys, outdoor and indoor playground toy boards, wide neck drum, pressed ring open top barrel, mannequin and other chemical liquid packing containers and tanks. In normal production, the cycle time is about 180 seconds. Its production capacity is 20 pcs/hour, daily output is 480 Pcs. The key technical points lie in precise die and core size, blow pin head diameter and design, also the suitable depth of mould cutting overflow grooves to insure the scraps can be removed easily. Besides EBM machine, we also provide on-line auto deflashing plastic bottle moulds, and auxiliary machines such as auto-loader, color mixer, scraps crusher, water chiller, air compressor, air accumulating tank, leakage tester, in-mold labeling machine and so on. We help customers to get one stop service of manufacturing, exporting and technical supports.

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